Kayaking & Jet Skiing

Kayaking in Los Cabos: Los Cabos is a kayaker's paradise, with pristine waters, abundant sea life, dramatic coastal scenery and secret coves and beaches to explore. In Cabo San Lucas, rent a kayak along Médano Beach and set out for Land's End where you can view the iconic arch, enjoy views of playful sea lions and admire frigate birds soaring overhead. Along the Tourist Corridor, Chileno and Santa Maria Bay offer beautiful, calm waters. Tour operators out of Cabo San Lucas can take you to these secluded bays for an afternoon of exploration. In San José del Cabo, explore the palm-lined estuary - a great spot for birdwatching.

Price Ranges
Beginning at $25 - $35 per hour for a kayak rented from Médano Beach

Jet Ski: Incredible fun on Cabo San Lucas Bay, jet skis are available for rental on Médano Beach and may be available at your resort. Jet skis may not be used around the area of Land's End and the arch, but they're a fun way to cruise the waters along the beachfront.

Price Ranges
Beginning at $60-$75 per hour